“At the Heart of Qigong & Tai Chi: Deepening our understanding of the multifaceted powers of Qi cultivation

By Roger Jahnke, OMD February 2019 | Program Host: Vicki Dello Joio

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What is Qi?

Our intent is to go to the heart of cultivation–cultivation of Qi, vitality, mind, & character. Qigong is among the most eloquent integrations of very practical & inspiringly transpersonal features ever developed by the human race. In the Americas & Europe Qigong is blooming like a Golden Flower! We will explore:

The original purpose of Qigong – understanding our transcendental nature
A deeper look at the 3 Treasures & how they are a model of the universe within our own being
How the 4716th Year of the Chinese Lunar Calendar links to Qigong today
Why Asian New Year is the Lunar Spring Festival & associated with the Chinese Shamanic Medicine Wheel, a power cycle – with a moment of appreciation for the Year of Pig which promises focus & productivity in a light-hearted atmosphere
And finally, an exploration – in honor of Valentine's Day – of the Heart or more accurately the HeartMind – Xin – the essence of the Three Treasures
Why the NQA is so pivotal in the world

ROGER JAHNKE, OMD is co-founder & former Chair of the National Qigong Association. He is also the founder & Director of the Institute of Integral Qigong & Tai Chi (IIQTC) which has trained nearly 500 Qigong & Tai Chi Teachers as well as over 1000 Practice Leaders. He is the author of two classics of energy medicine & mind-body practice – The Healer Within & The Healing Promise of Qi. The mantra of the IIQTC: “We train 1000s to teach millions to heal themselves for FREE!” IIQTC graduates are presenting programs in spas, Yoga centers, schools, faith institutions, corporations, social service agencies, & the Veterans Administration.