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Benefits include the following:

(some are unique particular to Membership Levels and are detailed below)

Membership in a nationwide Qigong community
Discount on our annual and regional Qigong conferences
Enjoy a 20% Discount on Qi Journal Magazine Subscription for first time subscribers
Listing in our website’s database.
Access to Member’s Only area
Periodic Electronic Newsletters
A discount on NAMASTA membership which includes access to liability insurance
Intra-NQA Certification
Full access to our QiTalks Library of MP3 conversations with and array of Internationally recognized leaders from the world of Energetic Arts
An opportunity to be inspired by many talented and knowledgeable people representing diverse styles and schools of Qigong
You contribute to a better world by helping to spread the benefits of Qigong

The National Qigong Association (NQA) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping everyone live a full, productive and enjoyable life for as long as possible. The NQA is always expanding its role as the leading resource for all things related to Qigong. It is continually offering more national, regional and local conferences and events; as well as, expanding its educational offerings for both Qigong professionals and general practitioners on its website and in all media. We support and encourage dialogue with all individuals and organizations which share the same goals enabling physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness for all. Our mission and commitment to the world is to:
  • Always act with complete honesty and integrity, deep respect and genuine concern for all individuals, their communities and the world.
  • Nurture, support, promote and disseminate the ancient Chinese system for Wellness known as Qigong through public education and scientific research.
  • Make the benefits of practicing Qigong available to everyone by offering the world an accessible, caring community of practitioners and instructors.
  • Help all other accepted systems of non-invasive, holistic wellness modalities promote their own unique benefits through mutual cooperation with them.

Membership Levels and Fees

General Member

Are you curious about or new to Qigong?

Practitioner Member

Are you seriously studying and practicing Qigong?

Professional Member

Are you a Qigong teacher, clinical healer, or medical healer?


$81/two years


$180/two years


$270/two years


Membership Benefits




Access to Member’s Only area of  



Full access to our QiTalks Library  



Membership Card  



Electronic Newsletter  



Conference Discount  



Discount on Namasta Membership and

Access to Professional Liability Insurance [more info]




Voting Member  



20% Discount on Qi Journal Subscription (First time subscribers)  




Eligible for Board of Directors




Listing in the Find a Member database





FREE event listing on the event calendar.

(personally sponsored only)





May apply for intra-NQA Certification  





Teacher listing in the ‘Find a Member online database

and a reciprocal web site link at




Eligible to present on QiTalks Program




A person in the Professional category must meet one of the following standards:
1. Has written a book(s), or substantial number of articles in the scholarly/professional press on Qigong or
2. Is a full or part time Qigong teacher or
3. Is a clinical Qigong healer or a medical Qigong healer
Qigong instructors and healers (#2 & #3) must have received a minimum of 200 hours of training in Qigong over a minimum two-year period and must sign an agreement to adhere to the NQA Professional Code of Ethics. It is recommended that Qigong Instructors have a familiarity of Qi (Chi) deviations and an understanding of energetic first aid. Documentation is required. Join Now!
NQA By Laws

Organizational Affiliates
Any organization that has reciprocal benefits to offer to the NQA, should contact the office for further information.

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