February 13, 2019
Title: Oklahoma SB190 Pulled
Fellow Qigong enthusiasts, practitioners, teachers and clinicians, 
The NQA was aware that Oklahoma SB190 was crafted by one of our Board Members, which was intended to prevent a fifth attempt in Oklahoma, by a group of acupuncturists to subsume Qigong within their licensure process. It is only one of many attempts by various groups to take control of all things Qigong. It is also important to note that twenty-five states currently have some form of controls on Qigong teaching and clinical practice.


Due to the confusion within the greater Qigong community, the Board of Directors and our Advisory Council opened discussions with the author of the Oklahoma Bill. It seems that in the rush to meet committee deadlines some oversights were made in the language of the bill. As these came to light, the author and Senator Rader have chosen to remove the bill from consideration.  

There are several things that became clear to the NQA Board as this situation unfolded. There are those who feel there is a need for legislation to protect Qigong, others feel this is not necessary, and lastly, others simply do not know what to believe. 
The National Qigong Association’s Mission clearly states that one of our key functions is to educate and disseminate the best Qigong has to offer, to the community at large. We believe in the amazing documented benefits of Qigong as a tool for personal cultivation and health and want to see it flourish in these United States.
To this end, we invite you to join us and become part of the solution!

February 13, 2019

Title: A Clear and Present Threat to Qigong: Massachusetts SD1840


URGENT AND TIME SENSITIVE: Massachusetts SD1840, a bill currently under consideration in Massachusetts, would severely restrict anyone not licensed as a massage therapist to practice any form of Qigong. The bill has made it out of committee and is ready to move to the floor for passage.


On line 47 of the Bill, it specifically mentions Qigong as a massage modality.


Lines 38-40 state: “Bodywork”, “bodyworks” or “bodywork therapy”, as the practice of a person who uses touch, words or directed movement to deepen awareness of patterns of movement in the body, or the affectation of the human energy system or acupoints or Qi meridians of the human body…
  • This states: a person who uses "words" to move qi – This might include guided meditation.
  • This also states: a person who uses "directed movement" to move qi – This might include dynamic qigong.
Do you want to be required by law to become a massage therapist to teach your Qigong classes or or work with your clients therapeutically? Under Massachusetts SD1840, you would!



The National Qigong Association is a 501c3, volunteer led, non-profit corporation whose mission is to educate people about Qigong, in its many forms, providing opportunities to come together, share, explore and grow as a community. Our volunteers are the heartbeat of the association and help us fulfill our mission which includes protecting the energetic arts we love from those who seek to control or eliminate our ability to practice and teach in our communities. Please consider joining us and help keep Qigong available for all who seeks its many health benefits.

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