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Saturday, March 13, 2021, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM CST
Category: Professional Member Events

No Prerequisites for this class.  All are welcome.  We see the world not as it is, but how we have been trained to perceive it.  From the moment we are born, we are immersed in social consciousness - parental, cultural, and societal norms and roles.  Through our education and socialization our minds become weighed down with assumptions, expectations, biases, pride, and ego.  One aim of Daoist internal alchemy is to return to a state of consciousness in which we can see original nature in the midst of the clutter of distortions characterizing our life in this world.  In the Daoist tradition, meditation, which seeks to achieve a state of stillness (jing gong) by emptying all thoughts from the mind, has long been an important means of doing this. 

When we are able to turn our consciousness away from the outside world, we can turn inward and see our original nature.  It is not easy to achieve the state of tranquility and clarity in the midst of today's busy and complex lifestyle.  To achieve stillness and yet be involved and active is even more difficult.  Learning to regulate the mind fosters clarity and stillness while developing concentration.  This draws it away from daily worries and tension.  Learning to quiet the mind, lays a foundation for integrating the principle of stillness, leading to the recognition of our original nature throughout our daily lives.  In this seminar, we will delve into the level of Man through the Alchemy of Mind. 

Mind is the third and final Regulation of Qigong, and thus, it is vital in the development of Daoist alchemy.  In this seminar we will focus upon:  Purification of the Mind, Illumination of the Mind, Union of the Mind.  In doing so, we will also learn:  How to Re-frame Trauma, Tools for Training the Mind: Being Present, Concentration, Contemplation, Visualization and Imagination.


Contact: Dr. Bernard Shannon: Phone - 800-848-0649